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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos have a simple cool elegance and can be minimalistic and discreet or intricately detailed.


They are great as a hidden tattoo where only you can see it. Or have the best of both worlds and show it off or keep it a secret on your ankle, shoulder, behind your ear or hip. 


Fine line tattoos don't only need to be in black. Colour can also be used to enhance its subtle beauty with soft pastels or bolder popping colours.


Fine line florals & ornamentals by Jimi


Pros & Cons


Fine line tattoos are great as a first tattoo or hidden tattoo as they don't seem quite as permanent as full colour tattoo's.


Simplistic fine line tattoos are quicker to do than intricate tattoos and can also be less painful (depending on the area) making them a popular tattoo for newbies. They can also be small and easy to hide.


Fine line tattoos require more frequent touch ups as they can fade quicker than traditional tattoos due to the thin diameter of the ink deposited.


We advised you to have it touched up after the first year and look after your skin, avoiding direct sunlight for it to last as UV rays break down the pigment of the ink.



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