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EST • 2018

Connect with your Spirit and allow this creative collaboration with the Artist reveal that which is within, onto your skin.


Temple Tattoo (formerly Anja Temple, Ocean Shores) is located in beautiful Byron Bay and has been founded by the renowned Tattoo Artist and Oil Painter, Claire Reid.

Together with - Jimmy James, Matt, Jana, Rady J, Gab Deer, Mikhala Rose & Al Mathews - Temple Tattoo has united a vision of high-quality art and tattooing, alongside principles of living in deep harmony with the planet and connection with self.

Come in and relax into yourself and enjoy a transformational experience for your body, mind and spirit.

We look forward to sharing your special journey with you.


Claire Reid

Tattoo Artist & Oil Painter 

Claire’s gift and passion is helping people creatively convey interpretations of their loves, lives, fantasies and passions with ink on skin.

Through a fun and intimate process of tuning in, she helps people unravel unexpected themes within themselves, and brings them to life with organic shapes and colour.


Extensive travels across the UK, Australia, Borneo, Japan, Peru, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, America and Europe has given Claire unique opportunities to work with renowned tattoo artist and painters of all different styles and mediums.

Claire celebrates the power of fusion art influenced by working and living with contemporary tattoo artists all around the world, giving her a truly unique style that holds depth and meaning beyond time.

Claire is also the founder and organiser of the acclaimed Rites of Passage tattoo convention.

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